Hello Beautiful !

EkNaari is made possible by a tiny, close-knit group that has a real passion for fashionable hair accessories based out of Noida (India). EkNaari believes to bring the latest, stunning, and quality Hair accessories for you. We aim to ensure that every one of our customers comes away with the right accessories for their hair type, colour, and occasion.
We love to encourage smaller businesses(as we are one of them), so an accessory that you'll find here has been personally selected by us from a various range of small-scale artists and sellers. Your purchases not only support small businesses but further ensure that the items you buy are unique and high-quality by comparison to mass-market versions. Additionally, we choose all our stocks on our strict principles of excellence, patterns, and assurance so that we can offer you the best.

We strive to provide specialized, personal recommendations - get in touch and tell us a bit about your hair, and we will do our best to help. So no matter how thick, fine, or unruly your hair is, we are confident that we have just the thing for you! 

For Bulk Order- Save money when you buy in bulk!
We offer discounts on bulk orders depending on the combo and the total invoice amount. Contact us on support@eknaari.com or dm us on Instagram or Whatsapp us-:7599903000


Ground Floor, D-9, Sector 3, Noida- 201301, [UP]