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When Collecting Becomes Hoarding

The appetite for collecting items like -Jewellery, Accessories, Dresses is great, but when it becomes hoarding then it is a disorder. There is a difference between collector and hoarder. People with Hoarding Disorder excessively save such items that are useless or worthless mostly. They find it difficult to get rid of or separating such items. The people with hoarding tendencies never throw away anything. They accumulate more Jewellery, Hair Accessories than one individual could wear in a very long time.

Definitely, some peoples are not wearing Jewellery, Hair Accessories, dresses and other such items sometimes due to having them too many, and it is quite different from hoarding. Many people with hoarding problems have a wardrobe filled with recently purchased Jewellery, dresses, Hair Accessories that have never been opened or have the price tags still attached. There is also a difference between being a shopaholic and having a psychiatrically hoarding disorder. So having a lot of Hair Band, Earings or dresses does not mean you are a hoarder, or you have any mental condition!!
People can magnify their life and their possibilities by exploring diverse sorts of Jewellery, Hair Accessories, clothing, being more playful with what they wear, trying new styles. Sometimes also can try swapping Jewellery, Hair Accessories, clothes with a friend or buying something that is the opposite of all their other Jewellery and dresses.

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Similar to this, men and women also have differences. Research shows that men wear more percentage of their clothes as compared to women. Men have generally worn everything they own and when it comes to women only 14% of the woman can say this.. Although women generally have more clothes as correlated to men, therefore, it even happens that they have a lot of such clothes, Jewellery, hair accessories which they never or rarely ever, wear.

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