Spirituality in Fashion

Fashion and spirituality has always a hidden relationship. In the ancient period, there are many instances when religion and spirituality had clashes with fashion, no matter it was clothing, accessories or the way of using it. But on the other front, throughout these year's, fashion has also performed a major part for building religion and spirituality.

We have seen some of the fashion trends are directly related to the religious or spirituality trend and some are inspired or influenced by spiritual symbols, religious belief and faith. Instances like wearing the cross, tulsi beads, jewellery which is related to chakra, stones jewellery used for astrology, metals ornaments of body elements and many more.

Even many pieces of jewellery and accessories can be seen has religious significance related to them. Example like mangal sutra, bangles, toe ring, or applying vermillion, etc. by a married woman is considered the protection of his spouse from mishappenings.

Earrings which is worn all along the planet is deemed to create a guarding seal around the ears, so to protect them from negative energies which can be in the means of sound waves. Similarly, most of the pieces of jewellery are associated with some of the other forms of religious or spiritual beliefs.

Even the new fashion vogues or trends sometimes are designed and formulated from traditional and cultural dogma. On top of it, the present generation has provided an aesthetic appeal to fashion, and nowadays wearing ornament also has a connection with spiritual significance. A large number of religious symbols, styles, are providing the touchy component of fashion in the worlds today.

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