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Mine Jewellery Wardrobe- Ek Naari

Every woman needs a few pairs of jeans, several sets of shoes, a tux jacket, several basic smart skirts, a corporate suit, a turtleneck sweater... I could go on with my massive list you know... But, she needs a few modest pieces of jewellery to enhance her clothing.

earringThere are few basics of jewellery for a well-dressed lady. Choose whatever of them in a flash and I can assure you, it will represent you- who you truly are with a concise.







Studs earring
No girl can delete this famous and timeless object from her wardrobe. Studs are simple, attractive and wearable. It goes with any hairstyle, dress and jewellery of any kind. Usually, studs appear as solitary gems out of all. It should be in every girl's earrings collection. Although it may vary from very huge studs to little ones depending upon the choice.

Hoop earrings
The most salutary thing about them is that, you can use them with informal or formal outfits. They can look remarkably chic for a cocktail look, while also appear surprisingly intense with a denim jacket. They look stunning with short crinkly hair or rear extended ponytails.

Swing earrings
Swing earring is best for their drama, attaches to the earlobe and features a gemstone or ornament that dangles down from a chain, hoop, or anything. The length of these ornaments varies from the very short to the extravagantly long. These earrings are typical hook backs that make them easy to get on and off but not for every day.

Business pendant set
A simplistic chain with talismans goes ideal with a perfectly cut professional dress. Pendants are a sophisticated accessory to your office outfits. A slight shimmer with formal wear adds confidence and appeal to your look. Sometimes vibrant colours and vivid appearance of gemstones in it make them a coveted accessory for any woman.

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