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Judging a book by its cover is unjustified, but we all do it..

Judging a book by its cover is unjustified, but we all do it. It is a human characteristic. How you look, how you appear to all, influences your career, your life. There is no other approach around it. Your attire, your jewellery, hair accessories speak about your ethic, ambitions, professionalism, judgment, confidence, belief and a lot more. And this judgment is made too fast within a millisecond, or you can say in a blink of an eye.

Hair Accessories

Dressing is crucial in most industries. Well-dressed persons have more chances to get a promotion than others. Your dressing style is one of the four main pillars for success which include -knowledge, appearance, confidence and preparation.
Similar to clothing, your jewellery and hair accessories also says a lot about you. For example, girls who like to wear large jewellery such as big earrings, dangling necklaces, extravagant rings are more likely to active, bold, extrovert and pleasant person. Similarly, ladies with studs are more likely to be the self-confident, professional or minimalist type of person.
Furthermore, romantic style jewellery tells about you as a person, who is fun-loving, passionate, and sometimes Boho chic.

Amidst each passing months comes a broad array of distinct looks, trends, and styles. And while these persistent changes make fashion so impressive, it also makes it a challenge to stay uniformly on-trend. So how do we stay up-to-date without having to hurry out and purchase a whole new closet every month?
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