Mens Jewellery and Hair Accessories


One of the facts is that Men also wear jewellery for the last many aeons. We have seen in history that various gods, kings, warriors from disparate cultures wore armbands, bracelets, rings, and a lot more. In the prehistoric period, a man decorated jewellery made of bones and shells. Sometimes to show power or seldom to fight with evil or negative forces. In all parts of the globe, men's wearing some of the other jewellery. The most common examples are bracelet and rings. In many countries like in the Eastern part of the world, wearing a bracelet signify that you are affluent. Wearing engagement rings is another common example. Some of the most common pieces of jewellery in India adorning by Mens because it trendy look are:
Bracelet- Bracelets are in high fashion for men made up of leather, cloth, beads, metals or even plastic and are well amended by men of all generations. Some of the bracelets too become famous because of the style of some celebrity or from the influence of Bollywood.
Fashion and Mens Accessories
Earrings- Indian history and traditions allow piercing of men’s ears and hence in the present time, we can see many men's and boys do not shy away from adorning earrings. Wearing earring is in quite a fashion. From the cool funky designs to small studs all types of earrings can be seen and are in demand. These earrings are worn keeping in matching with the latest attire and the need.
Chain with Pendants- Pendants with chain is worn majorly in India and it can be viewed across all states including rural as well as urban regions. Every type of pendants can be observed in the country. Today youth likes contemporary, traditional and even spiritual pendants. Chain made of gold, silver, metals, treads, etc with different types is also in need.
Rings- It is the most famous jewellery and is in all-time fashion among men in India. They are available in all sizes and all types of metals. Ring solitaire with diamond, precious stones, semi-precious stones etc can be seen in shops and online. Men can be seen all across India wearing Engagement ring, fashion ring, zodiac ring and Astro gems ring.

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