Find Your Hair Type- Once and for All

Do you want to choose a hairstyle that matches your hair texture? Do you want to use the hair accessories like headbands, clips, pins, barrettes, even tools that are most appropriate for your hair? 

The very first step in this great journey is to find your hair's natural texture?

Here’s how to know your hair texture: Give it a good shampoo and condition, and then let it dry gradually and naturally. Every ten minutes or so, lightly squeeze your hair in your hands. This helps bring out any natural wave or curl. The best time to examine your hair is when it’s absolutely dry. Get up close and intimate with your mirror, and as you read the following sections, spend some time engaging with and looking closely at your hair so you can get to know it as well as possible.

Hair is, after all, quite difficult to define because it is as freakish as a fingerprint. Your hair could be straight or curly, but the texture could be fine or thick or somewhere in between which is called a medium-smooth. Even the curly or straight hairs will still be fine, thick, or medium-smooth in texture.

Fine HairClips

Thick hair has the widest diameter of any hair texture, noticeably broader than fine hair, and because of that, it exhibits just a touch coarse and wiry when you run your fingers through it. It’s full-bodied, dense, and strong, and masks your scalp thoroughly. Thick hair typically takes longer to dry naturally, around an hour or more sometimes. It tends to puff up and out, away from the scalp, rather than lying horizontally upon your head. 


Fine hair feels thin and weak, light and fragile. It also lies flat against your head. No matter how much you try to fluff it up, it tends to fall back limply into place. Another easy way to tell is- you can see through to the scalp even where the hair isn’t parted. If this is you, then your hair struggles to hold its shape throughout the day.

Eknaari Hair Accessories

Medium-smooth hair looks and feels soft and gentle and shines quite a lot. If you run your fingers through your hair and determine it’s not fine light, and limp, and not dense, thick, and coarse, then you have medium-smooth hair. You have the widest range of options. Additionally, almost any style can, and will, work well for you.

If you are struggling to determine your texture, match your hair with a few friends or relatives. You will get a better understanding of how much hair texture can vary.

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